miércoles, 4 de mayo de 2011

aparentar, aparentar, aparentar!

Cassie: We can carry on pretending if it makes you feel any 
better. Treat it like a role play. I love drama. 
Jal: What? 
Cassie: Do you wanna play Jal, or should I? [takes Jals books] 
Jal: Hey! 
Cassie: [playing Jal] Shut up, Cassie. I’m trying to revise here. 
Jal: What? 
Cassie: I’ve got so much to do, so little time. Revision, even though I’m going to music college, I can’t help myself. I’ve gotta revise, cos it takes my mind off being pregnant. 
Jal: What?! 
Cassie: All these books. Stops me thinking about anything. Stops me thinking about why I’m keeping a secret from my boyfriend. 
Jal: Please.. 
 Or my best friends. 

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  1. skins es la mejor serie de la historia joder

  2. Aqui tienes un nuevo lector MARIA!! aer si te pasas por el mio XD cuidate


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